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F2 STRONG 90Caps

F2 STRONG 90Caps

Equated to the Brazilian Formula is a powerful weight loss product that should be used when already tried several other products and not take the desired effect.

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The Strong F2 comes with 90 tablets of two different content and with 2 different colors.

Helps slimming Capsule:

Horsetail- Diuretico and accelerates metabolism

Asian Spark -The Asian Centella decreases and combat cellulite, producing also an anti-inflammatory action, thus avoiding the swelling, pain and redness. Maintains consistency at the level of tissues, eliminating the dimples "orange peel skin".

Artichoke -increases the diuresis and favours the Elimination of urea and toxins. Is recommended as an aid in weight loss schemes, given their diuretic and finance capacity. Is also a moderator on the cholesterol level.

Sipirulina • Strengthens the immune system, promotes cardiovascular function and healthy cholesterol, improves digestive healthgastrointestinal, and Improves the detoxication products and natural cleaning process, Provides antioxidant protection against diseases

Furosemide -is a very strong diuretic medication used to reduce fluid retention

Chitosan -Chitosan prevents fat absorption and accumulation in the body, helps in reducing weight healthily, ademas de constitute a significant source of vitamin C, also helps regulate the body's cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy arteries.

 -This medicinal plant also induces sleep and muscle relaxation.

Gorse -chromium which is a large apetitefunciona inhibitor as a diuretic, aiding in the Elimination of toxins present in the urine and blood, and helps burn fat

Garcinia Cambogia It has aroused great interest for their ability to reduce the appetite and reduce the urge to eat sweets, no side effects

Fucus -seaweed rich in iodine, indicated for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Helps in the treatment of obesity

Hoodia Gordoni -Suppresses appetite and stops hunger cravings, without stress or fatigue

phaseolamine It acts by binding to enzimthe alpha-amylase by inhibiting the digestion of starch, which in this way is not absorbed. Each gram of Phaseolamine neutralizes 2250 calories from starch in vitro.
Active principle: capsule
Anorectic- with use in obesity-fighting aid, which acts by decreasing your appetite. Is used in various formulas for weight loss, it acts on the central nervous system by inhibiting the hunger Center in the hypothalamus.
1 Bottle with 30 capsules Anorexigenic + 2 bottles with 60 Green capsules helps weight loss
Must take 
1 capsule of each color at 10h00
1 Green capsule at 16h00

As you can see by the composition, each product has an effect, which together will take theappetite, control anxiety, give energy, dry the fats, eliminate liquids and toxins, everything is described ahead of each component.
With the Formula 2 Strong may lose until 10 kg in a month, depending on the organism.

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