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Ensure the result indicated in the descriptions of your slimming products?

In all, the results and effects depend on the person's metabolism and body. The results indicated the media an average observed in the great majority of patients. If, for example, a weight-loss product that can make weight loss up to 7 kg, means that the vast majority of patients lost weight between 4-7 kg, and in some rare exceptions emagreceram 9 kg but other patients emagreceram 1 kg. 

In no time at SibutraminaPharma.com can guarantee a particular effectiveness specifically for a particular patient.

The SibutraminaPharma.com whenever you are prompted attempts to assess the specific condition of the patient and advise the best product to take upon the information provided. But can not guarantee the results.


If you want advice on the best weight loss product for me, what data should I provide?

You should contact us by email and send the answer to the following questions:

Personal data:





How many pounds you want to lose:

How long do you want to lose (be realistic, how much wider is the range of time, is best!):


Products already takenin the past:

Which were in detail (mark/Active/dosing principle):

How long it took:

Results of products withdrawn:

Constipation (yes/no):

Fluid retention (yes/no):


Health problems:

High blood pressure? (Yes/No):

If you have high pressure, which the blood pressure which has:


Heart problems? (Yes/No):

Have thyroid problems (Yes/No)?

Is breast-feeding? (Yes/No):

You are taking any medication? (If Yes which ones?):

Other pathologies (describe in detail):


Power Supply:

What do you eat?(Describe in detail what eats on a typical day):


In your opinion what is causing his overweight?


What are your shipping policies?

Your request will be filled, shipped, and delivered in 99% of cases within 3 to 21 business days depending on your location. We will notify you by email if there is a problem. If all goes well, you will receive a confirmation email when the product is shipped.


When should I receive my order?

Depends on your location and company chosen to do the sending, but we can indicate a approximate range of working days that takes an order for the most common destinations after being sent:

(the order preparation time is generally 1-3 business days)

You must add the shipping time of the order by the transport companies.

Can see the approximate time of shipping here:



Submissions are made with registration number?

Yes. All submissions have registration number.


What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is a copy of a brand name drug in its various characteristics: dosage, safety, strength, the following dosage, quality, performance and intended use.

Are generic drugs as safe as brand-name drugs?

Yes. Generic drugs use the same active ingredients and work the same way in the body, they have the same risks and benefits as their brand counterparts.

Generic drugs take longer to work in the body?

Not. Generic drugs work in the same manner and at the same time as brand-name drugs.

Why are generic drugs less expensive?

Generic drugs are less expensive because generic manufacturers don't have the investment costs to promote the medicine. New medicines are developed under patent protection. The patent protects the investment,including research, development, marketing and promotion, giving the company the exclusive right to sell medicines while you are in force. With the patent expiration, manufacturers can apply to the FDA to sell generic versions. Because manufacturers do not have the same development costs, they can sell their products at substantial discounts. In addition, since the generic medication is approved, there is greater competition, which keeps the price down. Today, almost half of all prescriptions are filled with generic drugs.

The brand-name drugs are made in more modern facilities than generic drugs?

Not. Generic firms have facilities comparable to those of the brand. In fact, the brand name companies are linked to an estimated 50 percent of generic drugs. They often make copies of their own or other brand-name medications but sell without the mark.

If brand medications and generic drugs have the same active ingredients, because they are different?

The laws do not allow a generic drug have look exactly like the brand. However, a generic medication must duplicate the active ingredient. Colors, flavors, and some other inactive ingredients may be different.


How to guarantee my privacy?

SibutraminaPharma is committed to preserveyour personal privacy. All data that we receive are protected and are taken all reasonable precautions. 


You send daily?

We process orders every working day and the preparation of the order takes 1-2 days. If you place an order after 14:00, it will be processed the next business day.

What is your refund policy?

Due to federal and local laws that cannot receive medication back after they have been dispatched, if for some reason your order did not arrive or was lost, after checking with the company and confirmation of non-delivery of the order, we ship another order.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order before it is shipped by sending a cancellation email.


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