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Our terms and conditions of use


Please read the terms of use before accessing or using this Site.

In case of doubt, please contact us through one of the means indicated our atravéds or contact our online chat if available. These terms and conditions apply to all transactions of products advertised This Site wants tothe orders will be carried out via online or by other means.

When using or browsing this site, we assume that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions submitted or general conditions legally applicable.

The user undertakes not to harm, or otherwise inflict the rights of intellectual property SibutraminaPharma.com

If you do not accept all or part of the terms and conditions presented should not be purchases on this Site. The SibutraminaPharma.com reserves the right to, at any time, modify, alter or update these terms and conditions of use.

You agree to review the conditions of use periodically. The use of the site by a consumer does this mean that accepted the amendments to their conditions of use.

The violation by the user of the Site, of any of these terms and conditions, will lead to the their placing under legal procedures on the part of SibutraminaPharma.com.

The SibutraminaPharma.com excludes all liability for any loss, liability, loss, or expenses arising from the breach of any term or condition of a user.

The SibutraminaPharma.com will consider any action, procedure, Providence, by order arising from the breach of any term or condition as vexatious litigation.


Exclusion of liability

Under no circumstances, the SibutraminaPharma.com will be civilly or criminally responsible for any loss or damage, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, or any other damages resulting from the use of the Site or its products.

For products purchased through this site, the responsibility of SibutraminaPharma.com is expressly limited to replacement of defective products, in accordance with the law applicable. In cases where the SibutraminaPharma.com suitable, you can, by their own free will, refund or credit in favour of a purchaser, an amount equal to the purchase price of the product.

The user is aware and agree that the limitations and exclusions of liability declared by the SibutraminaPharma.com are fundamental and necessary elements and that the use the Site is inseparable.


The Site

The information contained on this site is generic and informational.

The SibutraminaPharma.com can make improvements, improvements or changes in the information, and products presented on this site. Although we try to keep the information as correct possible, we cannot ensure that discrepancies will not emerge over time;

The SibutraminaPharma.com will be able to proceed with the closure of the Site at any time and without any type of prior notification;

This website and its content are property of SibutraminaPharma.com. None of the information found on this site may be reproduced, published, distributed, used for advertising, sold, transferred, or modified without our express consent.

This site may include links to other Internet sites, with the sole purpose of providing a best service to you. The SibutraminaPharma.com, is not responsible for any of these sites or for the information, material, products or services contained in or made accessible by of them, so their access is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the user;

The SibutraminaPharma.com does not assume any liability for any malicious software they can infect the computer of users of the Site.



All products sold on this site are subject to availability in stock and can be discontinued at any time.

Whenever a request for host SibutraminaPharma.com and there is a rupture of stock, will be sent an email indicating the period laid down for its delivery, or, if the client express this intention, your order may be replaced by other equivalent products.

The descriptions of the products featured have an informative character. Do not replace the Council or the query if applicable. The SibutraminaPharma.com will do everything to clarify the doubts that arise as to use of the products.

The SibutraminaPharma.com, assumes no responsibility for any consequence related directly or indirectly, with any kind of action or omission on the part of the user, based on the information, services, products or other material from this site.



The SibutraminaPharma.com reserves the right to modify the prices whenever they so understand.

The order is only valid once processed. 

The SibutraminaPharma.com warns users as the possibility of price changes. When the correct price of a product is higher or lower than that set out in the order, the customer will contact SibutraminaPharma.com to the inform of the correct price and this will be able to confirm your order before it is submitted.


The delivery is made to the delivery address indicated. If it is intended that the products are delivered without any identification of the origin of the order, just let us know it.

The SibutraminaPharma.com is not responsible for errors or omissions caused by information has been provided properly. If an order is returned by information that the client has provided wrong, the same is responsible for send ports that order.

If the customer decides to cancel the order after this process, is responsible for payment of shipping ports.

The period of validity of orders whose payment has not been proven or is approved in maximum of 3 days.

Orders are always sent by registered mail.

The SibutraminaPharma.com reserves the right to refuse this service when there are suspicions of lack of compliance on the part of the customer.


For security-related issues, returns will not be accepted.


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