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Delivery terms and conditions


The orders will be prepared and sent normally 1-3 days after receipt of order.

The days listed below are estimated times for deliveries, and may be delayed for reasons related to the carriers, to which we cannot be held accountable.

We guarantee the delivery of orders made on our site. If an order is misplaced is resubmitted at no charge to the customer.


The shipping costs are not included in the price of the product and are presented at the time of ordering and the selection of the shipping company.


The SibutraminaPharma.com undertakes to send the ordered products in reasonable time, up to 7 working days.


The SibutraminaPharma.com proceeds to sending orders by one of the following companies: CTT, Express Courrier, EMS, or possibly other.


The SibutraminaPharma.com reserves the right to refuse this service when there are suspected possible failure on the part of the customer.

The sender is fictional and origin in the European Union.

Has no indication on the outside of the order of the content or the website SibutraminaPharma.com

If the parcel is not delivered to reason imputed to the customer, (example: wrong address, not reclaimed, etc) it will NOT be returned to the sender, and will be lost and no reshipment will be made.

The SibutraminaPharma.com is not responsible for errors or omissions caused by information that has not been correctly supplied by the client.

If an order is returned by information the customer has provided wrong in some way been responsible for the same will not be delivered, the customer is responsible for shipping costs of sending this order.

If the customer decides to cancel the order after it is submitted, is responsible for payment of shipping ports.

The period of validity of orders whose payment has not been proven and neither been comunicated to us is 3 days.


Approximate time for delivery of orders (working days)


At the time of preparation (1-3 working days) must be added the following duration:



European : 2-5 days

Other countries of the world: 3-6 days

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From 8 - 25 working days



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